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Series: G1
Title: Ever Present, Nevermore
Character(s): First Aid, Perceptor
Rating: G
Disclaimers: Hasbro and TakaraTomy, of course.

He slid down onto the cold December floor, a wish for nepenthe in stock and store, yet there is none to be found on this shore. )


Friday, September 17th, 2010 01:21 am
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My tribute to 9/11.

A single moment for those fallen. )
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First up, the short fic!

*scribble, scribble, scratch* Need more inspiration... )

And for the mini-rant: Economy still kinda sucks, can't wait for Census work even if it means my legs and back screaming in agony and it's temporary, and I REALLY need to find a good goal. *headdesk*

Poof and Cough

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 01:56 am
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The "Drabble Meme" here.

[livejournal.com profile] playswithworms picked this one.

Prompt: Ratchet the one to accidentally blow something up
Characters: Movie-verse Ratchet and Wheeljack
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes, explosions can come from the least expected source.


Willing to nom on comments!
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That is all. :D :D :D <3 <3 <3
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New manga by Naoto Tsushima! Yes, that's the title, don't ask. Yes, I've already pre-ordered the magazine that'll be carrying it. No, I might not translate it, but I can give summaries. Yes, I'm glad Tsushima is doing some more TF work (although him finishing up "Henkei!" and Yoshihiro Iwamoto being able to finish "Galaxy Force" would be nice).

Furthermore? There's a 15-sec TV spot with what sounds like the opening song in the background. Considering it's by JAM Project, I do have some hopes, but I'll wait till the TV-edit or full version is out. I'll admit, it is rather catchy. *is already replaying the clip*

And a 30-second version! Man, it's gonna be WEIRD hearing Norio Wakamoto as Megatron here. I'm so used to him as Flame Convoy from Galaxy Force... And maybe several other roles that I've forgotten over the years. :la: That young voice? Bumblebee :D

*want opening song, kthnxbai* )

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Series: Transformers Movie
Title: Kindred Spirits
Character(s): Ratchet, OC Tina Uematsu
Rating: G
Disclaimers: They belong to Hasbro, TakaraTomy, Dreamworks, Paramount. "Coro di Dea" belong to "Ah! My Goddess". Tina's mine! Mine, I say!

Need more characterization exposition... )
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Saw it at the Arclight Hollywood with Jim Sorenson, Marty Isenberg, and Bill Forster on the 23rd. Bonus on that was seeing Optimus, Ironhide, and Bumblebee in the car forms again - additional bonus was the Corvette Centennial Concept that is Sideswipe. :D Shiny and gorgeous piece of metal, though I'd be loathe to even drive him. Inside the lobby were two display cases: two mannequins displaying the combat uniform worn by NEST members with the patches "If I told you, I will have to kill you" (will have to check). XD Another pair of mannequins were that of Leo Spitz's "The Real Effing Deal" green jacket and Mikaela's black jacket over white shirt she wears at one point. Saw ROTF again at Universal Citywalk's IMAX theater (and multiple times in the future).

Gonna need eyedrops! Don't wanna miss anything! )

Was I expecting something like The Godfather or Seven Samurai? No. Was I expecting something like Batman: The Dark Knight or The Green Mile? No! Was I expecting to be entertained by explosions galore, giant alien robots beating other giant alien robots, humans interacting and adding in their own way, Optimus being a serious badaft while kicking major Decepticon butt, plot and inconsistencies be damned?


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will certainly have its low points, but if you're a fan that wants a form of escapism, spend all that time in the theaters. Preferably IMAX. ;D

In short, reviews from critics like Ebert and others... Well, I'll leave it to the audience to really decide.
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...nets a 9 out of 10 from me. Why?


TF pun aside... =P

I am LOVING what Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky has cranked out, especially when several cues from the first film's score were integrated with ROTF's score. :D  Namely tracks 10, 13, ESPECIALLY 12 and 14. *bounces in music glee* Gorgeous stuff and a crowning jewel is the solo female singing portions, especially during "Infinite White". Of course, can't deny the wonderful choral lines as well. :) "NEST" integrates instrumental portions of Linkin Park's "New Divide", which I find a nice touch for an action sequence.

Who says TF can't have gorgeous orchestral music?! Praise Primus and other The Powers That Be!

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So many questions yet answered, and a sad farewell. But while some parts might feel anticlimatic, it was a decent closing that could allow some leeway in the future.
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A DeviantArt kiriban I owe [livejournal.com profile] autobotvierge since last year. Slow going, as for some odd reason, I've hit a writer's block. I have most of it planned out, but I can't seem to continue it - the images are there, the words don't want to come out. >< Arggh...

Sun goddess in a wolf form with a tail for a brush? Sounds familiar... )

"Revenge is..."

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 06:50 am
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...gonna be like Optimus Prime - live-action incarnation - barreling down my head. )
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What I would not give for the ability to be able to jot down legible notes for the bunnies that come and go in my head...

Rant or musing? You decide )
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Series: Transformers Car Robots
Title: Less Words
Character(s): Yuuki Onishi, Daichi Onishi, Mrs. Onishi
Rating: G
Disclaimers: Does it look like I own them?

Homecoming has never been sweeter. )
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Series: Transformers Movie
Title: Blue Carpet
Character(s): All involved Autobots, all involved Decepticons
Rating: G
Disclaimers: They belong to Hasbro, TakaraTomy, Dreamworks, Paramount

Autobots and Decepticons at the premiere of their movie in the US. Bring on the fans! )


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Series: Transformers G1
Title: Dichotomy
Character(s): Jazz, Perceptor
Rating: G
Disclaimers: Hasbro, TakaraTomy

Perceptor learns there's more than the scientific side of snow from Jazz. )
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