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And I mean it. I knew there was going to be a lot of walking as Merchandise Handler (heh, my "title" at American Girl Place) but I didn't quite expect THAT MUCH. I'm even more sore than I was on my first day as a lister for the Census back in spring! Thank goodness we have Chinese medicine patches that helps quite a bit (best used after a hot bath/shower and overnight).

How's working there? Exhausting and maybe a bit demanding. I'm working the the Historical Characters section where there are rooms set up for each of the Historical dolls - for example, Felicity would have colonial materials in a large display, alongside her dolls and numerous accessories so people can see what comes with her (such as her horse Penny, her sleeping clothes, table and tea set, etc.). Most of the time, it's just making sure the dolls are properly displayed on the floor and there's enough of their peripherals. Yesterday, I more or less finagling the radio and got a few words for not responding to the radio as often as I should, and I won't deny that I certainly deserved it (however, in my defense, I rarely had to use a radio that much in the past, so that's one thing to quickly learn).

The bright side? Hearing the delight and excitement in the girls' voices when they see the various displays and rooms, their eyes practically shining.

Got a job!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009 09:12 pm
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And hopefully, this one will last longer than a month! :3

Job fair at the American Girl Place in The Grove at Farmers Market in Los Angeles (not too far from Hollywood) today and after filling out the obligatory applications (my hand, it cramps!), talked with two of the staff managers there and yay! I was quite nervous when the first one called me in, considering the amount of job-related topics I've read for a long while and what most schools say when being interviewed, but it seems that I did quite well to be accepted after a second interview with a different manager. I suppose one could say about "conflict of interest" with my being a fan of Transformers, but on the same side of things between the two, it's the diversity of characters they carry that draws me in, AG when I was in elementary and middle school. :) As my mother had subscribed to the magazine years ago, I had enjoyed the various books of the Historical Characters line because the main characters were around my age frame, I loved reading, and that some of them lived with more than one culture. For example, Josefina and Kirsten are Americans, yes, but their cultural backgrounds are different than what was "American" of their time periods - Josefina of 1824 lives in New Mexio before it became part of the US and Kirsten is a Swedish immigrant in 1854.

Here's hoping I don't croak too fast. :D Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] newsy891 and [livejournal.com profile] playswithworms for their supporting words.

Darn backlogs

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 07:02 am
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As in, backlog of photos to go through, plus a video or two. I'm not even done posting up stuff from BotCon '09, and now I have San Diego Comic-Con '09 to work through. :V Been trying to post a couple photos for those at the IDW boards that's been asking, but my video editor only allows me to go frame by frame (which sucks) and the file itself is ginormous. At least the video's in HD! :3

Overall, nothing really, other than still cursing the economy right now. Still twiddling away on a fic idea here and there, posting news over at the Allspark, poking around art, translation check over Kamen Rider 555 for TV-Nihon, tweaking the TF Wiki... *pause* And now I have that darn chorus of "Justiφ's" on REPEAT IN MY HEAD. I really would prefer having "The Headmasters" back stuck looping! Frell, even "Burning Overdrive"! XV


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