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2012-07-09 06:03 pm

Geek ti3m!

Heyo! I'm not dead yet!

Ahem. First up, the live-action Rurouni Kenshin film!

- Teaser trailer

- First trailer (Although part of the translation leaves a bit to desire, like the "beware the calm ones". Better would've been "Beware the Quiet Ones").

- Second trailer

- 1-minute commercial

Fangirl mode! Which has me working on my RuroKen collection after very little activity. XD My poor wallet... Two additional sets of manga just because of different covers, 1 set with extra material. And that's not including the various figures of Kenshin/Battousai I've picked up recently from this year's Anime Expo... NO REGRETS! (And in all honesty, I'm buying them at a slightly better price compared to if I had bought them online, be it eBay or a net store - most of the vendors weren't charging tax at AX, so that's a bonus.)

That aside, San Diego Comic-Con!
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2012-02-14 09:43 pm
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Want a vacation

Well, I AM planning a small one come summer, BUT considering I'm more technically covering San Diego Comic-Con for the Allspark... Maybe not so much of a vacation. On the other hand, after uploading the pics/reporting, I am free to browse about the halls and DT San Diego. Provided I don't get trampled over.

Well, that, and maybe Anime Expo, as I base my attendance primarily on the guest list. If it's someone who has worked on a series that I'm a big fan of, I'm more than likely to attend it.

Who knew paper-pushing can be so exhaustive.

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2012-01-20 09:10 pm
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"Everyday I'm filing..."

Yeah, to the tune of THIS.

Really, work was CRAZY today at the office. Well, crazy for me, but probably a bit shocking to my senior coworkers, especially with how forceful the doors got slammed multiple times. I'm just glad that it's Friday, so our poor boss could get a bit of R&R.
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2011-12-24 05:53 pm
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Merry Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah!

Moving on to the brighter side of life *hears a couple whistling*, Happy Winter-based Holidays to all of you! :D Yeah, "Winter-based Holidays". XD So, go easy on spiking that eggnog, don't tamper the turkey/duck/ham/what-have-you-protein-based-centerpiece, try to keep the fingers out of the dessert until it's time, and...

PLEASE, do NOT drink AND drive. Or even drive after having several drinks. If you gotta get home, get a designated driver, m'kay? It'll be better for EVERYONE. *hic*
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2011-12-23 10:28 pm
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Shifting to Dreamwidth

Considering the bruhaha Livejournal is going through at the moment, I felt it was prudent to move to Dreamwidth.

Granted, I don't update my LJ all that often, but it's still nice to have a spare account if I want to vent without having to look at the fugliness.

If anyone else is moving over to Dreamwdith, I'd be more than happy to re-add you back to my Friends (or the method used by DW).

Peace out!
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2011-12-23 10:02 pm
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Shifting from LiveJournal

Considering the bruhaha Livejournal is going through at the moment, I felt it was prudent to move to Dreamwidth.

Granted, I don't update my LJ all that often (heck, maybe even this one!), but it's still nice to have a spare account if I want to vent without having to look at the fugliness.

Peace out!
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2011-12-23 09:44 am
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Happy Holidays

Or not.


I want to sleeeep.
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2011-08-14 10:52 am
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Wow, almost two months. XD Lessee...

San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Surprisingly, I wasn't as burned out as from last year's marathon driving (despite having to do commute again), but con fatigue was still unavoidable. I'm just glad I didn't crashed into anything or anyone. (Although saying that, I probably jinxed myself for next year's SDCC...) Pretty much worked my keister off covering for the Allspark, live net and video, as well trying to pick up some con exclusives for a couple of pals (sadly, I missed out on the majority of them due to the really, really, really long lines). That was work (well, I AM covering for the Allspark! :3), but I was able to have some of my own fun that wasn't Transformers related, like attending the Marvel vs. Capcom panel. Speaking of net coverage, I was able to work something out with the staff at the Allspark, picking up a wireless adapter that worked quite well so it was much better than last year's coverage. For SDCC 2012, I'm hoping to get lucky on having a place to stay down there, at least split the cost with someone else. If not, so as long I'm able to attend, I'll probably survive the commute. << >>


I am now working as an office assistant at a law office! It's a bit small, there's always a mountain of paperwork, I keep making mistakes, I keep bugging my senior coworkers, and I'm enjoying it. XD Truthfully, it's pretty nice. I'm actually learning a bit on how things work in the legal system when it comes to workers compensation (other than it moves really slow), even though I occasionally build up a tiny backlog of paperwork to sort through. Dealing with clients? Being the new kid, the majority of them on the phone are rather understanding. (I do, however, have to hand over the calls over to the more experienced coworkers that know their cases - I just shuffle the paperwork). Now, I'm just saving up to be able to hopefully pay off a couple things as well FINALLY get a few pieces of equipment that I've been hoping for.
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2011-07-12 02:40 pm
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General updates

Lookie, back again! :B Or not...

Still job hunting, two interviews down, and I'm still biting my nails on them as I felt I kinda screwed up a bit during the interview, so it's up in the air whether I'll actually get into either positions. *crosses fingers*

My other worry is gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con. I REALLY need a decent wireless network adapter, but sadly the ones my dad used have expired on their contract, and I'm barely scraping enough leftovers. Wi-Fi in SDCC is laughably weak, even with adapters, much less the notebook's own Wi-Fi. Times like this, I really wish my cell phone is an Android or at least able to hop onto the net. "Radio Shack dinosaur Radio", to quote Epps from the first TF film. So ghetto...
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2011-05-31 09:26 am
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*poke poke poke*

I should update this more often... XD

Bah. Nothing much really. Still job hunting (sent off a couple applications), and now gearing up for BotCon coverage. I'm wishing I could remember where I put one of my memory cards, but 32 gigs is probably more than enough on photos and videos. Next thing is wishing on San Diego Comic-Con, and I"m not even sure I can make it this year... *sighs about gas prices and poor car*

Fan side, I've been floating about Devil May Cry. Granted, I haven't quite played any of the games entirely through (it's on my bucket list), though YouTube walkthrough vids has more than enough educated me. << >> As well having picked up several artbooks, the novels and manga in both English and Japanese. (Hey! It's a bit healthier than crack! And they're my anti-drug!)

Why, yes! I tend to fluctuate on my fandoms! Why do you ask? I like to think of it expanding my diversity of things I'm interested in! ;P
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2011-02-10 12:35 am
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Best 3 minutes ever.

Best 3-minute video. EVER.

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2011-01-01 01:49 am
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Wish I could drink, but since I'm recovering from a bug, I'm not going to.

Whatever. Healthier for me, at least. I don't really care for alcohol consumption, anyway...

Happy New Year from the past, people! :D
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2010-12-08 12:43 am
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Package update

Okay, not so much tampered, but it most likely broke open at one of the processing centers on this side of the Pacific and my stuff got mixed up, so the folks there just stuffed whatever was nearby into my box, mixing things up. Boooo, hiss. >:|

One bright side, my sis found one photo of the owner wearing her high school T-shirt in the album, which was mercifully a 30-40 minute drive from where I lived. One of counselors recognized the owner and knew her mom, so I left it in the counselor's hands to take care from there. That's one load off my back! Next is tracking down the owner of the books, but that'll also be up to the stores - Borders is easy; the Chinese books, not so easy.

I am still cranky about the whole mess, though...
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2010-11-30 10:30 pm
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Bullsh1t! Bullsh1t, bullsh1t, bullsh1t!!! I finally receive my box of magazines from a friend in Japan and I find that it's been tampered with! BS! What's missing? About half the magazines and one's been ripped of its contents, leaving behind only the cover!! What's more, the perpetrator had the GALL to leave behind some random books that I'm not likely to read (two STILL with their Borders price stickers)! However, they left behind a fully filled photo album dating back to 2004. Which means I'll probably have to post it up at craigslist or wherever and see if anyone's missing their album. After I try to talk with the postmaster.

Granted, it took about 2 months for my magazines to arrive (Surface mail) and those are kinda replaceable (though a PAIN to obtain), but family photos? Those are irreplaceable memories. If anything at the very least, I want my magazines back.

And to whomever out there who stole my magazines, MAIL TAMPERING IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE. D:< Plus, that photo album? Low, REAL LOW.
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2010-11-06 01:25 pm

Writer's Block: When push comes to shove

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Talking is the best I can think of.

The closest to bullying I ever got was teasing during elementary school and middle school, and unrespectful touching by another classmate during high school. In the case of elementary school, I stopped responding to the teasing and they stopped. In the case of middle school, it wasn't because of me being the new kid on having moved there, but more of wanting to be accepted by a couple others and they teased me for it. High school involved a different classmate who got far too touchy-feely for my taste when I wanted to play with his Gameboy. Middle school, I talked with my counselor and mercifully things got solved between me and the involved parties (I gave up trying and we actually got a bit friendly later on, but we kept respectful distances). High school had to involve one of the higher staff members, and that came to a peaceful resolution as well (we both later went to the same city college and would often hang out with several others talking about video games; even went on a roadtrip once).

That was back then, when the concept of cyber-bullying wasn't hitting the headlines as often, and it was still schoolyard bullying.

Talks between the school admin, parents, AND students would be a good starting point. Forget anti-bullying videos, the bullies will just "lulz" and forget about it. How long until the next student dies and the bullies make fun of them, either in person or online? That sense of human decency is shrinking. How long until the next student comes into school with a weapon and starts terrorizing everyone on campus while wanting to "get back" at their tormentors? Will it have to be someone having to be sent to the hospital, or will it have to be someone actually dying to get that hammered - literally - into people's skulls? Parents and teachers should stop turning the other cheek, and learn to see the signs on campus and at home. They can't be "just kids going through a normal phase". Bullying isn't right. It's NEVER right. It's psychologically damaging to a variety of parties, in that where the bullied loses self-confidence and become a basket case of screwed up emotions, the bully doesn't learn the consequences and doesn't learn humility and tolerance, and the adults can suffer in ways that it's not funny. It can also get to the point of the bully "not caring", and that could easily pass on to the next generation. Teachers as bullies is also there, and that's just as bad. They have to learn that they are there to lead students, not belittle them. Parents bullying is another thing, because it's worst than teachers in that the kids themselves are living with them. Promoting is going to be difficult, but it's necessary.

What kids do can sometimes be a reflection of what they've learned and didn't learn, but what the adults don't do is just as damning. Bullying isn't something to be proud of.
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2010-09-11 12:37 pm
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Nine years later

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Probably a lot of people are tired from today's date, but for me, I still choke up a little on seeing the photos.

I was about to graduate high school then, and I knew two cousins (one whose mother is a close friend of my mother, so we somewhat considered each other cousins) that were serving in the Army. When my homeroom/history teacher's TV was running CNN and showing the towers collapse through snow static, my first thoughts was "Are they going to be deployed?" I have relatives over in NYC but they live in another part of the island far from where the Towers were, so that was relief for my mother. It was hard to concentrate on the rest of the school day - this was my generation's Pearl Harbor, and I think that thought didn't hit me until much later, and the same goes for the lessons of tolerance from history class and - surprise, surprise - TV shows. It felt that the world had shrunk so much more.

A salute to those on Flight 93.
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2010-08-01 11:14 pm
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Employed again!

And it's temporary, again. At the American Girl Place in LA, again. Ah well. It'll do in the interim while I poke about. Time to start saving up for that piece of camera equipment I've been wanting! And TF comics, and the Japanese magazines that covers TF (I dislike one of the stores where I have to buy them due to them inflating the price, but they usually get their stuff reasonably on time in the US), and the occasional tchotchke...

Working at AGP now isn't as noisy as it was back during the holidays last year, but that may change, since I just got started again. Who knows, the summer can be almost as crazy as during winter. New stuff, the place is going through some renovations (which surprised me), and a couple things changed locations due to said renovations. Being back in merchandise handling, like riding a bike with new obstacles. (I swear, I'll have to buy those kneepads or foot pads one of these days.) Sore muscles are sore again.

What else have I've been doing? Last weekend, volunteering at IDW's booth during San Diego Comic-Con 2010. EXHAUSTING. Not just from standing for 6 hours each day, but from the commuting. AGAIN. While it could've been five days of driving instead of four from last year, as I was working on Preview Night as well, I was lucky enough to spend a night at a motel with some pals (VERY grateful to them, even if I got the floor). My eyeballs and nerves were all but screaming murder after the con. In fact, I was already getting hit by con fatigue on the second day (or third, if you include Preview Night). Hopefully next year, I'll be able to split a motel room with extra people that's also heading down there. I can cover 5-days of gas (and a bit of food on the side), but no way can I cover 5-days of most motel rates by myself. Arggh... and then there's BOTCON in Pasadena as well. SERIOUS con fatigue...
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2010-04-29 12:05 am
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Employment! ...ish

BUT.... temporary. Yes, for those of us poor sods living in the good ol' US of A, it's Census time! What's that, I hear? You already sent in your forms before April 1? Good for you! For those that already sent in your forms, or might've run into some bad luck, or didn't do so, welcome us knocking on your doors! Cue the usual struggle on keeping awake during training and the sore muscles from the walking. And lookie! MOAR paperwork! :B Meh, who am I kidding. So as long it helps fuel my addic- I mean, my growing pile of a reading material (manga, art books, magazines, trade paperbacks) collection, as well DVD/BD and the occasional video game collection, I'm a bit happy. (Although the thing I do to my mags and some of my manga would make bibliophiles cry for my blood... << >>)

Although, I'm still hoping on finding a longer-term and more stable job in the future, even if it pays at a lower rate. So many wishes... BotCon and San Diego Comic-Con this year are definite ones. BC still hasn't gotten online registration up yet (at this time) and then there's airfare with hotel. SDCC is completely sold out this year (by MONTHS ahead) and I don't know if I could handle driving 4-days straight from Los Angeles to San Diego again (shaky, slept past 1pm after the con for a few days, sore muscles).

But, considering the whole reports of the economy getting better, even if it's just a little, I'm a little hopeful.
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2010-04-10 08:33 pm

"New Teammate" + Mini-rant

First up, the short fic!

*scribble, scribble, scratch* Need more inspiration... )

And for the mini-rant: Economy still kinda sucks, can't wait for Census work even if it means my legs and back screaming in agony and it's temporary, and I REALLY need to find a good goal. *headdesk*
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2010-01-11 07:23 pm

Yak, yak, yak + Big Lizard

Work at AGP is over, and I'm not too upset. It was for the holidays but they might call me back for the summer, so back to looking around in the interim.

What else... BotCon 2010 being held in Florida results in a big XP, since I can't drive there (well, I could, but I'd be hallucinating by the time I got to Orlando). But, it's still six months to go and who knows where I'll be by then... Not sure about San Diego Comic-Con or Anime Expo, given how much I've been cutting back con attendance. But if both have certain events that catch my interest, then maybe. I'll probably be still volunteering for the Los Angeles Film Festival, even though there might not be much movies that'll interest me.

RL aside, Net side, not really much. Still working on the Henkei manga scans (mostly chapter summaries), fan projects, keeping up with TF news, yada yada yada. It's kinda quiet. I have fanfiction that I want to write, but darn writer's block is keeping the bunnies away. Which, I suppose is a good thing in a sense... Snippets of scenes, yes, but completed works, not quite. :P

'Nways, here's one of said snippets that's been floating about.

"Just a 'simple large stupid lizard' you say, oh might Megatron! 'Simple' and 'stupid' my turbines!" )