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Work at AGP is over, and I'm not too upset. It was for the holidays but they might call me back for the summer, so back to looking around in the interim.

What else... BotCon 2010 being held in Florida results in a big XP, since I can't drive there (well, I could, but I'd be hallucinating by the time I got to Orlando). But, it's still six months to go and who knows where I'll be by then... Not sure about San Diego Comic-Con or Anime Expo, given how much I've been cutting back con attendance. But if both have certain events that catch my interest, then maybe. I'll probably be still volunteering for the Los Angeles Film Festival, even though there might not be much movies that'll interest me.

RL aside, Net side, not really much. Still working on the Henkei manga scans (mostly chapter summaries), fan projects, keeping up with TF news, yada yada yada. It's kinda quiet. I have fanfiction that I want to write, but darn writer's block is keeping the bunnies away. Which, I suppose is a good thing in a sense... Snippets of scenes, yes, but completed works, not quite. :P

'Nways, here's one of said snippets that's been floating about.

"Godzilla: The Series" © 1998-2000 Toho, Centropolis, Columbia Tristar
"Transformers" © 1984, 2009 Hasbro

Parent was working on the bleeding wound near his left leg when the red-and-blue truck and noisy-white-with-blinking-red-lights van drove up to them. It wasn't so much as Parent's quick glance that warned him, it was also that same scent - like the very big lights during nasty storms - from the not-red-truck and not-white-van that alerted him.

Seeing them both change into something similar to those nasty metal creatures that were attacking that big steaming thing earlier prompted a warning rumble and teeth showing. The not-red-and-blue-truck immediately stopped walking and held out both hands in a gesture he recognized Parent did often, showing that he meant no harm, even though Parent was already making those "Easy, easy" sounds. Not-White-Van was also startled but stayed behind Not-Red-Truck, like whenever Scared-Yellow hid behind Parent. Shifting his head closer to better take in their scents, Godzilla noticed that while both were made of metal and shared that same storm-smell, Not-Red-Truck had a red face on one if its shoulder while Not-White-Van had the same red face on his chest - the mean ones had a purple face someone on their bodies. There was a familiar hint of wariness from them, but the fact that they had not run, and that the other metal ones who also bore that little red face were helping people amongst the mess, meant that they weren't a threat. Satisfied, Godzilla pulled his head back to let them talk with Parent.

- - - - - - -

Ratchet couldn't help but vent out in relief, and while Optimus relaxed slightly, they both kept sensors on the enormous creature. While they had enough experience with gestalts and Cybertronians of Omega Supreme's size, dealing with organics that were far larger than they were was still a new thing. If comparing to the organic alien child he had met years ago, Prime had to admit that Godzilla had the sheer presence to add to his enormous bulk. Add onto the fact that Godzilla was smart and a fast learner...

"Optimus Prime, and... Ratchet, if I remember correctly." To his credit, Nick didn't laugh at the Autobots' reaction, although there was a hint of a smile. "My apologies for Godzilla's reaction."

A polite nod. "Doctor Tatopolous, and none required. He has the right to be wary of us, given our resemblances to the Decepticons."

"And you two being here is because..."

"Ratchet insisted on assisting you with Godizlla's injuries." A glance at the watching lizard. "Should he permit it, that is."

This time, Nick actually smiled. "Just go slowly."

"Primus give me the gestalts' checkups any day..." Ratchet muttered, keeping his movements slow as he got to work.


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